iGlobe User Interface

Engineered for ease of use, reliability, and performance, our complete spherical display software solution sets a new standard for spherical display interactivity.  Every iGlobe comes with our custom software pre-loaded on an Apple iPad.  The iGlobe interface application on the iPad enables users to quickly access spherical and fulldome content in a variety of display options through intuitive touch screen navigation.

The iGlobe Mac app is designed to run on Mac OS X 10.7 or newer.  The iPad app is optimized to run on iOS 7 or newer.  The Mac application uses the QuickTime API for video playback and our core image mapping technology to render spherical images in real-time.  This technology allows multiple image layers or movies to be displayed on the iGlobe.  The iPad and the Mac exchange data wirelessly using a custom proprietary protocol.  The iPad app lets the user touch interact with the sphere depicted on the iPad and control the rotation of the image or movie displayed on the actual sphere in real time.

The iGlobe Mac app continuously fetches application and data updates from the iGlobe HTTP server.  Once downloaded, these updates are available immediately for playback within the iPad application.  The iPad app updates through the Apple App Store included with the iPad.

Our iGlobe software suite makes it exceedingly easy for Apple OSX, Windows, and Linux users to load custom content directly into the interface without having to pre-render with adobe running the FullGlobe plugin.  Custom lesson plans, Keynote style presentations, exhibits, and datasets are easily added to the iGlobe interface by creating a folder bundle which contains the movie or imagery for projection on the globe, screenshots for display on the iPad, and optional voice-over narration. This bundle can be loaded directly onto the iGlobe through a simple drag and drop into your own destination folder where it is automatically recognized and updated. 


Weather app:

Displays real-time rendering of the Earth as seen from space with current snow cover, cloud cover, day and night demarcation, and city lights.  Each of these features can be added or removed at will.  This information is augmented with layers of real-time weather.

Selectable basemaps

Choose between Blue marble, Political, Topo, and Relief.

Day night terminator

Highlights the area that is lit by the Sun and displays city lights on the shaded side.

Image rotation

For still images and movies.

Interactive Sky

With this option, the iGlobe projects the real-time sky onto the HyperDome - or any room - with the ability to pan in all directions, and labels celestial bodies of interest.

Time Lapse

Allows animated playback of the realtime weather for all layers.  It records 15 days of real-time images leading up to the present.

Volume Adjustment

Allows the user to adjust the volume of playback using the iPad.

Displays screen size buttons for all screen sizes.

Zoom and alignment controls are built in and can be saved as presets.

Brightness, opacity, and contrast adjustments.

Each individual layer can be adjusted and saved as a preset.

Automatic software updates

Mac and iPad applications are automatically updated with an active connection to the internet.

Displaying Real-Time Weather Options:

The real-time global weather layer (or layers) selected and manipulated on the iPad interface automatically display on all iGlobe products. 

The real-time global weather layers include:

• Cloud cover

• Infrared satellite

• Water vapor

• Sunshine index

• Surface analysis

• Air temperatures

• Sea surface temperatures

• Observed precipitation

• Winds

• 12 Hr Precipitation Forecast

• 24 Hr Precipitation Forecast

• Relative humidity

• Radar for the US. and Canada

• Political Boundaries

Content archive

There are over 250 NOAA Science on a Sphere datasets available in the archive that pertain to land, oceans, atmosphere, bio-diversity, and astronomy.  Datasets cover the spectrum from still pictures and short animated clips to full feature films containing narration for the HypeGlobe, HyperDome, HyperSpace, and iGlobe3D.  The Archive is also the portal to which custom datasets and presentations are loaded. 

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