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Answers to frequently asked questions

How is iGlobe different from other spherical displays?

Our breakthrough lens and lighting technology creates the world’s first digital globe with various screen sizes and configurations, and immersive dome theater using the same base unit.  iGlobe has also developed an industry leading, simple to use interactive iPad touch software solution.  iGlobe further integrates spherical and dome content to provide an unsurpassed immersive experience.

How does the cost of iGlobe compare with other displays?

iGlobe is extremely competitive in the internal projection spherical display market.  No other display system has the versatility to display spherical and dome content with the same base unit.

What sizes of globes do you offer?

iGlobe has spherical screen solutions ranging from 12 inches to over 15 feet in diameter.

Who are the customers for iGlobe?

iGlobe products create multiple digital display opportunities for museums, science centers, planetariums, universities, K-12 education, corporate exhibits, virtual environments, advertising and personal use.

Who creates content?

iGlobe comes preloaded with real-time weather and Science on a Sphere® titles from NOAA and NASA.  In addition, content can be created using software such as Adobe After Effects.  The content market has enjoyed recent and significant momentum, giving customers a large and growing library of choices.

Is the content royalty free?

The vast library of NOAA and NASA content produced produced for NOAA Science on a Sphere® content is royalty free.  In addition, many companies and institutions offer dome and spherical titles on a wide range of subjects.

Does iGlobe have sound?

Yes.  iGlobe boasts a premium sound system.

What is iGlobe’s resolution?

iGlobe offers up to 8K resolution.

What computer hardware does the iGlobe run on?

iGlobe runs on Apple Macintosh computers, the most efficient computers on the market.  iGlobe takes advantage of the Apple iPad’s intuitive nature and innovative touch screen to control all interface functions seamlessly and wirelessly.

What is the life and cost of the bulbs in the bulb based systems?

Bulb life varies with brightness, output mode, and number of bulbs, and is generally rated at 2,000 hours.  Costs range from roughly $400 to $600 each.

What is iGlobe’s warranty?

iGlobe is covered by our full one year parts and 2 year labor warranty.  Rest assured that if you have a problem out of warranty, we will work tirelessly to provide you with service that exceeds your expectations.

What are the spheres made of?

Spheres are constructed from specially coated rigid acrylic and inflatable neoprene. 

Is the iGlobe customizable?

Yes. No other company matches iGlobe versatility in light engines, screens, configurations, and applications.

How much special training does it take to run the iGlobe?

Very little.  The iPad can be intuitively navigated by children and adults.  The iPad controls all iGlobe operations wirelessly.

What software does the iGlobe run on?

iGlobe runs on Mac OS X with our custom interface and real time spherical rendering engine.

What is the delivery time after my order is placed?

Currently we are on a 30-60 day delivery schedule, depending on the product.  If you have a shorter time frame, as always we will strive to meet your deadline. 

How long does it take to switch from one screen solution to another?

Just seconds, with no tools required.  It’s just a matter of removing one sphere and replacing it with another, and choosing the appropriate screen configuration on the iPad.  Many of our screen solutions are inflatable, and most of our spheres take under a minute to inflate.  Our inflatable dome sets up in about 30 minutes.

How do I get answers to questions that are not answered in the FAQ?

Please contact us, we’d love to hear from you!  Every so often you run across a company that becomes your benchmark for customer service... iGlobe strives to be that company.

Webmaster: Matt Lalley Copyright © 2012 iGlobe Inc. All rights reserved. Various images copyright iGlobe Inc NOAA and NASA