iGlobe Base Unit

Two in One.

iGlobe functions as the worlds first digital globe and immersive theater in one, significantly lowering the price while adding considerable value and versatility to the product.  iGlobe’s unique optics project uniformly focused images that are free of distortion regardless of screen size or shape, with no adjustments needed.  The same base unit is used interchangeably for all the screens we offer whether they are rigid screens, inflatable screens, or dome enclosures.  Custom formed screens of irregular shapes and sizes can also be used.

The iGlobe base unit contains the light engine, optics, computer, interface, integrated inflation system, and sound system --- to which a variety of screen options are quickly and easily mounted.

Our well crafted lightweight aluminum chassis securely holds each component in place; no mechanical calibration is required. 

Every iGlobe has the look and feel of a fine piece of furniture.  Custom work can be done at a reasonable cost to fit your individual vision.  There is virtually no limit to what we can do in our fabrication shop. 

iGlobe runs on Apple Macintosh computers, the most efficient computers on the market.  iGlobe takes advantage of the Apple iPad’s intuitive nature and innovative touch screen to control all interface functions seamlessly and wirelessly.

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